Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS)


Unani is considered as one of the most ancient medication system in the world, adopted mostly by the South-Asia and Middle Eastern countries. It is believed to have originated to from the Greek cultures by the great physician Hippocrates. This field of medicine is also known by other names such as ‘Hikmat’.

B.U.M.S. or the Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery is an undergraduate degree course focused on the field of Unani medicine. Candidates who successfully complete this course become Hakim (doctors) in the field of Unani.

Unani is an alternative system of medicine that believes in the natural healing ability of the body. Patients in this system of medicine are treated by letting their body rejuvenate itself, the Hakims only help enhance their natural healing ability.

There are several medication systems prevalent in India, Unani’s popularity comes right behind allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic. As per Unani, there are four elements within the human body:

  • Yellow bile
  • Black bile
  • Phlegm
  • Blood

Unani system of medication was introduced to India around the 12th century under the patronage of the Mughal empire. The treatment of any disease using Unani depends entirely on properly diagnosing the problem.

Unani is taught by many colleges, both in India and abroad and lately this system of medication is picking up trend and being adopted quickly by young students. It features various study programs such as diplomas, postgraduate and even dedicated research programs.


The minimum qualifying criteria to be eligible for an admission into the BUMS programme is a 50% aggregate in the Class 12/10+2 examination in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Candidates who have taken up the language ‘Urdu’ in Class 12 or are fluent in the language are given more priority during the admission.

The Official statutory body for Unani education is the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) in India. There are around 35 medical institutions which provide the educational course in Unani Medicine. Certain institutions conduct national and state level examinations for an admission into this course. Aspiring candidates can attempt NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), to be eligible for an admission into an BUMS course. The minimum age criteria to be eligible is 17 years.

  • Regimental therapy (llaj -bit- Tadbeer)
  • Venesection
  • Cupping
  • Diaphoresis
  • Diuresis
  • Turkish bath
  • Massage
  • Cauterization
  • Purging
  • Emesis
  • Exercise
  • Leeching
  • Pharmacotherapy (llaj-bit-Dawa)
  • Dietotherapy (llaj-bit-Ghiza)
  • Surgery (Jarahat)

Bachelors in Unani Medicine and Surgery or BUMS is a popular undergraduate degree course in the field of Unani. On the completion of 5.5 years of the course the degree will be awarded. The course of 5.5 years is broken down into 4.5 years of academics and a year of internship which will include a live practical. This UG course can be pursued through a distance education program.

Course under the broad spectrum of Unani system of medicine

Beside B.U.M.S., there are other popular courses under Unani such as:

  • Diploma in Unani Medicine and Surgery
  • Diploma in Unani Medicine and Science
  • Diploma in Unani and Acupuncture
  • Diploma in Unani for Chronic Ailments
  • Diploma in Unani for Kidney Diseases
  • Certificate of Basic Unani
  • Certificate of Advance Unani
  • Certificate of Unani Sexual Medicine
  • Masters Diploma in Unani
  • Diploma in Unani Pharmacy
  • Masters Diploma in Unani Medicine
  • Diploma in Hijama Therapy
  • Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Unani Medicine and Surgery
  • Master of Medicine in Unani
  • Doctor of Medicine (Unani)
Employment opportunities

Career prospects in the field of BUMS have scope abroad as well as in India. Multiple research institutions and organizations are currently working in the research and manufacturing field abroad as this field demands the presence of professionals.

A candidate possessing a degree in BUMS or Bachelors in Unani Medicine is eligible to be addressed as a Hakeem(i.e Doctor) and is also eligible to practice privately. An Individual practicing Unani can look at career prospects as a medical representative or as a doctor in a private or government hospital.

The professionals in the field of Unani can also work for companies which deals with the preparations in Unani. The candidate may get the job in an Unani institution as a professor or a researcher.. Since a lot of people aren’t satisfied with the allopathic treatment, the importance is given to an alternative treatment.

Job types
  • Hakeem
  • Consultant
  • Lecturer
  • Scientist
  • Therapist
  • Private practice
  • Pharmacist
  • Medical assistant
  • Public health specialist
  • Spa director