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goocampus training academy

GooCampus is an education consultancy based in Bangalore with over 6 years of experience, with offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai & Dubai providing guidance to students on admissions and careers.

Aptitude Test

  • Study of objects,texture related to architecture and built environment.
  • Interpretation of pictorial composition.
  • Visualizing three-dimensional objects from two-dimentional drawings.
  • Analytical reasoning + mental ability.
  • Study of national/international architects and famous architectural buildings.
  • Practice tests.

Drawing Test

  • Understanding of scale and proportion of objects.
  • Understanding geometric composition, shape, building forms and elements.
  • Understanding Theory of Architrcture which includes concepts like harmoney, balance, colour etc.
  • Conceptualization and visualization through structuring objects in memory.
  • Drawing of patterns-both geometrical and abstract.
  • Form transformation in 2D and 3D like union, subtraction, rotation,surfaces and volumes.
  • Generating plan,elevation and 3D views of objects. Creating 2D and 3D compositions using given shape and forms.
  • Perspective drawing.
  • Sketching of urbanscape,landscape and common day-to-day life objects.


Our Faculty

We have some of the most accomplished minds in the industry, sharing their knowledge and expertise to help mould you into future architects.

  • Graduates from illustrious institutions like Virginia Tech-USA, Manipal Institute of Technology- Manipal and CEPT Ahmedabad.
  • They have worked with some of the finest architectural organizations in India and USA including Lauren Griffith Associates, Artscapes, Inc, DR Associates and Catalyst Technical Group.
  • They Bring in decades of professional industry and teaching experiences.